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Join date: May 24, 2021

My Name is Sophia Monique, I am a Brand Specialist and Graphic Designer.

Some years ago I had a plan to create a hair salon called, Spreading the love of beauty. And God sent a Man of God in my life who told me to change that name around, from spreading the love of beauty, to spreading the beauty of love. Which is exactly what happened in my life. I gave my life to Christ shortly after and that exact switch took place in my beliefs and understanding of life. So life was no longer about spreading the love for beauty, self, and physical things. But about the true love that comes from GOD. The love of Christ who died for us to live. And now i spread His love to others, while providing services to birth visions into reality.

Growing up i experienced a long journey of heartache, rejection, abandonment, and pain. But now am healing by the grace of GOD and am here to testify of Jesus Christ and how he is the cure.

My hearts desire is to help others overcome and grow from the barriers found in the brand journey, as well as the struggles experienced through the growth of life. Let's talk about the things many avoid, the heart troubles, as well as the obsticles endured through the building of your online presence.

Sophia Monique
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