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Product Packaging Design (or labels)

So let's face it most people are sold based of the cover. Though they say don't judge a bookby the cover! Everyone does! 

So your product packaging is just as important as the product itself. This is why we have created a done for you package to create either 2-4 branded label designs, or 1 box or poly mailer design. 

What you will get:
High definition product labels in JPEG,PDF, AND PNG.

Receive the editable link add or make changes to the information on the labels

For box designs recieve just the final flies(no editable link included)

You may choose one of the following for this package: 
 1 box/poly mailer design pdf ....or 
2-4 product label designs w/ editable link

This is not a physical product, this is just the design of the labels or package. No printing is available. You must contact your own vendor to print out the design. 

Contact us at if you have questions or call our support team at 8557BELOVE