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Created 2 create: Brand Planner



This Special Edition planner serves as a first aid kit to your brand success providing tools to establish a strong brand foundation and set goals with spreads to execute your goals throughout the year. This is your comeback season guide to a year of successful getting out the hole and climbing back on top.

This planner includes:

9 Brand Creation Guide Chapters (to help you build a strong brand foundation)

7 Monthly Spreads (to help set goals and track each months content)

7 Weekly spreads (to help track your weekly progress)

2 Daily spreads (to help track daily task and keep track of new goals)


Book Content

9 Brand Development Chapters + interactive spreads

7 Monthly spreads (Track goals and content, plan month)

7 weekly spreads ( Track goals and content, , plan week)

2 daily spreads (plan your day, track progress of steps)

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