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When failure got you down,and you step into your “this is personal” comeback season :

In 2022-2023 life took some unexpected turns for me and my family. I mobbed around for 2 years and found that helped nothing. It wasn’t until I got intentional with life again, that things began to turn around. Wherein, I thought I be stuck forever. There was actually a way out. A way to turn my whole life back around and the whole time all I had to do is sit down and plan it all out.

Comeback season, 2024 goals, 2024 planner
Step into your comeback season

I believe good parenting comes with responsibility and consistency just as does business. When we see a good parent we see a person who sacrifices their own to provide for someone else. You see where love is without question and shown through the daily strive to care for another.

Therefore organization is key in developing good parent behavior with the motive rooted in love.

Planning is the cure to all changes in life. With a plan and direction your able to steer toward your goals persistently and effectively. Without a plan your blind. Writing the vision is so much more than what it appears. The spiritual effect of writing out your vision allows you to shed light on any situation while executing an outcome. To execute a plan that will bring the shift needed to be successful ad anything, because no matter what you do or desire to do it can be achieved when your intentional about it. The simplicity in planning out your goals is developed through strategically writing out everything surrounding the direction you desire. Begin to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What exactly is it that I want to achieve?

  2. Why do I want to achieve it ?

  3. How do I plan to achieve it?

Through this simple process you will find the steps needed to accomplish the goals. Now you just schedule them out throughout your schedule weekly and before you know it! You have won the victory.

So don’t be like me and believe that it was over because it’s not over! It’s time to pick up that first aid kit and heal from the brand damages of the past and relaunch your brand for the better !! Every successful brand story is packed with events of failure that led to the business being that much better in the end. Why?

Because now the brand has been what I like to call “seasoned” it has flavor now because your brand now has culture. I’ve learned through the struggle skills that led to services I now can confidently provide for others because I “been there,done that” which created me an experienced expert in that field.

So, okay 2023 you failed and it wasn’t what you expected. So what! Are you going to stay down? Or are you gonna pick up the pieces ?

If your answer is yes to this then it’s time ! Join the Created 2 create movement where our goal is to help 100 brand owners achieve the ultimate comeback with our “ Created 2 Create planner” and “Created2Create Academy”.

This movement serves as a reminder that you are designed to create. Therefore all you have to do is draw out your future and watch as time persists the colors to your new pages shall appear more vivid than ever before.

Are you ready for your comeback season ?

  1. Start with the Created 2 Planner now available here

  1. And then join the Created 2 Create community

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