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THE WAKE UP, #businesstheory

Okay,Okay: I Get it YOUR sick of your business not growing, and wondering whether you will ever be the company you inspire to be.

Here is the #1 TIP i found to transform and launch my business into success EVERY TIME:

Throughout the timeline of my journey to success i have found that the following theory has completely transformed and grew my business. This theory is "THE WAKE UP: Business Theory". This theory simply means that you get up and accomplish 3 task from a master list that you have created to complete for your brand or business daily. With an additional piece that i like to call "BIRTH IT" day, wherein you push toward a major goal on a specific day every week.

To break this down think about how you feel early morning each day? You are refreshed, and ready to conquer the day after a goodnights rest. With a clear mind and refreshed body, you will find that many tasks are easier to conquer. But when distracted, tired, and unmotivated; accomplishing task becomes difficult.

The observation I found in my own productivity was that i would perform worst toward the evening then when i first woke up in the morning. Days when I didn't get up early I found that i would drag through the day and feeling less than and as if I was waking up day to day with no progress. But when i woke up 6am went to the gym, then Starbucks for coffee, and worked in an environment of inspiration i would get much done, and found that my day was more successful throughout the day.

There is something about birthing your goals early that inspires the rest of the day to be successful. But when we drag and drag we find that nothing gets done. In order to really be successful in your brand you have to be intention, and consistent. Otherwise time keeps ticking and before you know it you find yourself in a space of procrastination.

Here are the tips I found to accelerate my brand more:

1. GET UP- Get up early Work Out 15-30 mins which pushes your mind to work at its highest potential. Pray and Meditate on your thoughts and emotions.

2. GET INTENTIONAL- Make a list of all the goals you have determine which ones are long term and short term, tackle each goal by determining which goal you want to accomplish first and then break down the steps to achieve that goal, from there schedule 3 steps to complete each week on a specific day ( ex. Every Thursday for 3 hrs i will complete 3 steps to reach my goal). This is consider the BIRTH IT DAY: where you work on big goals in little task one day a week for 3hrs.

Daily write out 3 task to do that need to be completed, try to keep your task under 3, spread out other task throughout the week, don't overwhelm yourself!

3. GET INSPIRED- When completing your task be inspired! Watch positive videos, read books that inspire (listen to audio while you work), or change up your environment by taking a trip to a coffee shop, or the park, or listen to music that inspires you. This will have you in a place where you can tackle those hard task without feeling overwhelm. With an inspired mindset you will be amazed at the things you can accomplish.

ULTIMATELY, remember to stay inspired, Intentional, and WAKE UP early! When you get things done early in the morning it will set the TONE for the day!

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