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The turmoil

So your in business and you notice that there's some overload situations and your feeling overwhelmed?

Well let me tell you, I understand it's really easy to slip into low times in business where it feels like your loosing your spark. But one thing I've learned is that the hardships are what has shifted, altered, and pronounced my brand more. It's through the tough times the establishment is made. And creation of new concepts are produced. Which truly is beautiful.

I would love to share that one day I was super overwhelmed and cried out to God seeking is assistance, but mainly wanting to escape the day to day thoughts I wanted to know what God was thinking, I wanted to hear more about His creation and less about my mess. So as I prayed I desired for him to share something about His creation. And by His grace He shared with me how a flower is in a environment not so pleasurable. A flower grows in dirt! It goes through storms and wind. The flowers are beaten in weather, by animals, insects, and more! But they still bloom in beauty and in grace. They still show up in colorful ways through it all. But the main thing is their environment. It's not just dirt but sometimes even doung! That's right... I said poop! They are raised in literal poop.

So what I learned about this is that God created flowers and in all their beauty they grow in messy environments but are yet beautiful. Sometimes your environment isnt looking the best. And your seeking to get out, but those situations are molding you. Though it's raining and storming that water is growing you, and though there is heat and tension the light is birthing you and feeding you. Therefore don't look at this time as one to doubt but another lesson learned.

Remember flower you are growing in the midst of doung!

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