Overcoming Fear

Throughout my life I have found many things to be scary. Such as making decisions, and walking alone vulernably ignorant. In doing this I have found it hard to find a solution. Let alone recognize I had an issue with fear.

Through the series of abuse, and rejection anxious feelings of fear can be extremely intense. A person who has endured much abuse may find it difficult to cope through fear then others.

With that said many may call one under such pressure,crazy, or insecure. Which is interesting because what measurements are you using to weigh out crazy or normal? Is it based off truth?

On that note, I had to get a guide on what is wrong and right. I needed a savior, I needed help. And therapy, doctors, teachers, and trainers had no solution for me. So what happened next?

Well things hit rock bottom and I received a word one day from a man of God who shared with me everything my heart felt in a simple sentence. He said I wasn't crazy and many misunderstood me and that I was looking for a home. In essence this word from God made me just cry. Because I felt God for the first time. And because I knew God had to exist if someone finally knew what was happening inside with me. It was like someone finally opened the cage doors I had been in my entire life and gave ma a glass of water and I saw light for first time.

I was astonished beyond words. From this point forward, God began to change my entire perspective of everything. And God revealed that I wasn't what I thought I was, nor what they said I was. But God has different words about me. He cares and knew who I was at core. With this major change in my life fear slowly backed away. And knowing that the forever God has chosen me gives me hope that I'm not a failure, mistake, or a lost cause. He has a purpose for me. And I belong to Jesus Christ.

The way we overcome fear is by finally understanding that Jesus Christ is our savior. And to ultimately fear and love God. I encourage you to ask the question I ask often: God reveal to me you that I may fear you only. God help me to see you, who are you?

I pray right now in the name of Jesus Christ for the person reading this who may be battling fear to feel your presence God to hear your voice and know your word about them and the whole creation in Jesus name bring them peace, and destory ungodly fear from their heart in Jesus name amen