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So you are an Entrepreneur and you have many great things to display to the world. But you feel like your everywhere and you keep hearing about how you need to Niche' Down. Well I am here to tell you this is important however, I believe it can cause issues if you aren't doing it correctly. Learn more about tips I've learned that have helped me Niche' Down, but still do all the things.

So when the beginning of this year started the Lord God spoke to me asking me a question, " If I blew you up overnight would you be ready?" This question had me thinking about so many things, and so I began to prepare and redo the website, my customer workflow, and look for solutions to scale.My belief was that this question was posed so that I could stop thinking it wasn't possible, and that all things are possible with God on the sudden. But, little did I know He was going to do just that, blow me up overnight!

So When the shift happened, though I niche down to just website package plans on my site, I still had to process in play. The client workflow wasn't ready for the increase, but by God's grace we made it through. What was beautiful about this process is the learning curve and struggle formed courses, lessons, and tips for my clients that I never would had know with out this experience.

With that said I did Niche' down to just website packages, that included a website, business card, logo, and 3 social media templates. But I did not change the fact that I knew the Lord God had told me that I would provide homeschooling material for children, and encourage women in Christ, as well as asset my husband in ministry. With that said I don't believe in getting rid of anything God didn't say to do.

God has showcase a lot of great things that will birth in the season He has chosen. And though it appears to be many things, they all come under one, GOD! Therefore if God told you to do 3 Niche' DOIT!

So my next step now that the business has shifted and many things have changed, though I still need to adjust, I'm learning to not get set back with the vision God has given. Therefore I am now stepping out with the vision. Look out for all the great things to come.

And remember your website can house all of you, not just parts! Want to learn how ? contact us today!

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