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I Gave Up….

This year was supposed to be the most successful yet, but now I look back and see where I let the small things I did that contributed to motivating my brand go. Those things included:

1. prayer

2. consistently working towards my goals

3. achieve tasks daily

4. Staying inspired !

As a graphic designer if I don't stay of these four everything disappears, i guess I say all this to tell someone In this group "It's not over yet, sis!" Get back up and reconnect with your original plan and do the things you once did to ensure your back on track, we still got a few months left in the year.

You got this! I need accountability though, anyone in here down for accountability group?

This post is something that laid within my heart. As I thought on these things I realized so many had fallen this year and the more they reviewed their actions the more they became discouraged in their current situation. Which birthed more situations hindering their growth and ability to climb out their current hole. This is exactly what has taken place on my personal life as I tired to get out but everytime I took one step something would arise and I would become more discouraged, resulting in further being pushed down a rabbit trail away from my purpose and destiny.

As I began limping back to God I began to see clearer the distractions that held me hostage from getting out the first mess created this year. I say this to let you know just like me you can turn things around but you first have to take your eyes off the problem and place them on the solution. Break down the goals you want to accomplish and place those goals into steps that can be taken daily to achieve the bigger picture.

I'm doing so you'll find where progress Will develop and if it doesn't immediately don't stop keep going! You got this! This is your come back season! The year isn't over let's stand up and fight for our purpose! No more delays! Today if you make one step toward your goal, by simply writing a plan out, or developing in Wiriting exactly what your trying to accomplish, you have made one step in right direction and that's all that matters. Each day take one step and before you know it you'll be at your destination! What do you plan to do today to take a step toward your goals?

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