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How to Be Consistent without Stressing on Social Media

So you found this post because you have learned that social media is a job in itself. I'm sure you're wondering how can you finally just get it together because you know if you were on point with posting you probably see the fruits of your business grow faster.

Well, I am here to tell you I was the same way. Until...

I found a statement on youtube that said " Plan 31 days of content in one hour"

I said " ONE HOUR!!!!???" No way.

There is no way that I can do that in one hour when I can barely get out one week in time! Until I tried it out and found that it was possible to not only create 31 days of content in 1 hour but 40 mins! That's when I realized that I was overthinking this whole thing and I really only needed to dedicate 1 hour a month to creating and scheduling posts.

I can not stress enough how this has transformed how i do business today, and how it is a must for those of you who have a life and don't want to spend stressing the night before on what to post tomorrow.

Here are 3 benefits to batch creating your content:

  1. Be on time without stressing:

Learn how simple life can be when you know each day something is being posted, check out our latest youtube video "Canva Edits" to learn how:

2. Time to live:

Learn how you can depend on your presence on social media and how others can do the same because they can trust you to show up every day. Feel confident about your social presence while still living your life.

3. Space to Think:

Learn and explore new ideas for your next months of content, dedicated time to new ideas and thoughts, by planning 31 days ahead you have 31 days to think about the next set of posts.

All these are things we learned when posting online. Having content that is posting regularly picks up the traffic and has benefits that will help you beat the algorithm on social media and be seen by the right tribe.

Get loyal fans with consistent content and never stress about it again, plan ahead my friends ! We offer 31 days of content package so you can focus less on the design and more on scheduling your post, find out more here:

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