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We are Beauty of Love, which is short for Spreading the Beauty of the Love of Christ. We strive to create Branding Experiences for others seeking to support their families, and lives. We believe in support not just the brand but the heart behind the brand, YOU!

All About Us

What Sets Us Apart

Beauty of Love was birthed from a place of uncertainty. When Sophia thought her life was all about beauty, fashion, and chasing money. What she soon found is life was more than her pain and attempts to fill the wholes in her heart with the cares of this life. The Living God took noticed of her when she though no one did, and sent her a man to tell her that her heart was made by Him, and that everything she felt wasn't wrong, it was all for a purpose. In this timing she was in a place going to cosmetology school seeking to come out with a salon called Spreading the love of Beauty. But in this The Lord made clear to Sophia by a Man of God that it was time to switch that to Spreading the Beauty of Love. But little did she know that this was all just the beginning of a major transformation in her life. She soon gave her life to Jesus Christ. In this many things were birthed. She began to assist the Kingdom of God with Graphics and before long God Scaled this position to what we see today, welcome to Beauty of Love Graphics. Where we daily seeking to birth your brand, just as God has birthed ours. 



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